Fresh Fruit Facts!

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Did You Know?

Bananas are the #1 consumed fruit in America according the the Metabolic Research Center, averaging 11 pounds per person, per year.

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An Apple A Day..

Apples comes in 2nd place as the most consumed fruit in America averaging about 10 pounds per year, per person.

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Amazing Apricots!

Apricots are good for combating cancer, controlling blood pressure, shielding against Alzheimer's, slowing the again process and saving eyesight!



APPLES: Good for your heart, constipation, diarrhea, improves lung capacity and cushions joints.

AVOCADOS: Good for diabetes, cholesterol, helps stop strokes, blood pressure, smooths skin.

BANANAS: Good for your heart, cough, bones, blood pressure, diarrhea.

TOMATOES: Good for your prostate, cancer, cholesterol, and your heart.


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