Typically, we tend to think of women when referring to skin and hair care. The fact is that men are just as negatively affected by the daily elements surrounding life, as women. There are several major differences between the skin of a man and the skin of a woman;

1.   Male skin is 20% thicker and contains more collagen.

2.   Male skin has MORE COLLAGEN however it reduces                         at a CONSTANT rate.

3.   Male skin is tighter and firmer.

4.   Male skin is OILIER.

5.   Male skin has MORE PORES and they are larger.

6.   Male skin has a LOWER PH and is more prone to ACNE.

7.   Male skin is less prone to dry skin.

8.   Male skin BEGINS to age later.

9.   Male skin SAGS, gets PUFFY and DARK CIRCLES can form               around the eyes.

10. 40% of males have SHAVE RELATED SKIN PROBLEMS and their      skin becomes MORE SENSITIVE over time.

Once you take the time to understand these differences, it becomes apparent that men too need quality personal care. There are some general things that men can do to help keep their skin and hair healthy on a consistent basis. Knowing how male skin differs can help him effectively maintain his MANsome for years to come!

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