Personal Development

Personal development is the process by which a person improves himself/herself by engaging in self-enhancing actives; improving employment skills, developing talents, increasing awareness, identity & consciousness and devoting time to achieving dreams and aspirations are just a few examples. Personal development is continuous throughout ones entire lifetime. This page is dedicated to providing various ways to improve a person's mental, social and physical well being.!

Goal Setting

There's more than one way to achieve any goals. The trick is staying motivated and sticking to the rules that you set for achieving your goals. Furthermore, setting goals can help provide guidance, direction and purpose while allowing you the ability to track your progress. That in itself, can give you a sense of accomplishment, build self-confidence and promote self-empowerment! 


The American Heart Association is dedicated to improving lives and fighting heart disease and stroke ( Check out the My Life Check interactive tool to assess and track you heart health. Click photo!

Doctor's Visit


According to the research studies provided by The Nation Institute of Mental Health, anxiety disorders are the number one mental health problem among Americans. An increase in the pace of modern society, technological changes and lack of time to adjust to such changes  are compounded by religious values, societal pressure, and lack of consistency. Numerous other factors also contribute to this epidemic and managing stress and anxiety can be challenge in itself. Click on the photo to find ways to identify stresses and finds various ways to stress less in your life!

Stressed Man

Try Outs

Try something new! You would be surprised at what talents and abilities you can uncover about yourself when you try new things. Decide to step outside of your comfort zone and discover what's inside! Click photo for some new ideas to try out!

Paint Cans

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