Cause Who Doesn't Love Pizza?

You can make a pizza out of just about anything, a little dough, some sauce and then...just pile on your favorite combination of flavors to top it off, right?


So here's a fast food way to fresh wholesome pizza for the pie lover in you...

Things You'll Need

1. Flour Tortillas

2. Marinara Sauce

3. Your Favorite Toppings (for this example we used green peppers, onions, Turkey sausage, garlic, parsley, salt, pepper and Colby Jack cheese).

4. Oven w/Broiler

5. Pizza Pan

First, brown tortillas on both sides. Then add a layer of marinara sauce on one tortilla, and place the other tortilla on top.

Add more marinara sauce and start piling it on! The combinations are endless. Meat, veggies, cheese, no cheese...what tickles your pizza fancy?

Now if you're a cheese head, adding it to top of your pizza is like winning the Superbowl. The way those golden, shredded strands sprinkle from side to side, almost gliding from above, in a game winning dance beneath your hand....its quite poetic. So cheese it is? I'd say so! we broil. Place loaded tortillas on a pizza pan lined with a sheet of parchment paper. Place pan in the oven on lowest rack, turn oven on broil (low). Keep a close eye on pizza as it browns around the edges and on top. Usually takes abt 10-15 mins (time could vary depending on oven).

Remove pizza from oven, slice and serve! It's that simple...

Fast, Fresh and pennies on the dollar...right from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Sound satisfying?

Soooooo, how do you pizza?

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