The Goooal Rush!

Now that Embodi-U services are quickly approaching here at EmbOdicare, we decided to spend some time discussing a bit about goals and how to go about successfully achieving them.

Let's begin by identifying the word "goal." According to the Marriam-Webster's Dictionary, a goal is simply "the end toward which effort is directed." In other words, your ambition, vision and drive...your focus on achieving something specific. Seems simple enough, right? So why is it so difficult to set and meet your goals? Or is it?

Face it, there's more than one way to achieve any goals. The trick is staying motivated and sticking to the rules that you set for achieving your goals. Furthermore, setting goals can help provide guidance, direction and purpose while allowing you the ability to track your progress. That in itself, can give you a sense of accomplishment, build self-confidence and promote self-empowerment!

Setting goals can be done in 3 easy steps:

1. Create a goal with a clear start and end date.

2. List your personal strengths and possible obstacles for achieving that goal.

3. Tasks and rewards.

Sound too easy? I assure you it can be done. These 3 simple steps can provide you with a treasure map of successes in life! Here’s an example;

Goal: to ride my bike for a minimum of 30 mins, 3 times a week

Start/End dates: 9/9/2019 - 9/14/2019

Days: Tues., Wed. & Thurs.

Personal Strengths:

-I can physically ride a bike.

-I don't have any health issues keeping me from riding a bike.*

-I prefer biking outdoors vs indoors.

-I have a bike to ride.

-I like bike riding.

*always check with your physician before starting any new physical routines.

Possible Obstacles:

-Weather (I live in the Arizona desert).

-Making time (between work, my business and my family).

-Staying motivated (I prefer biking with a partner).


Tasks (to help overcome obstacles):

-Bike before sunrise or after sunset during cooler temperatures.

-Set a specific time to bike such as 4am (before work which is also before sunrise) or 7pm (after dinner and after sunset).

-Ask friends and family to join (need a backup plan in case going alone).

-Set an alarm.

-Pack backpack and lay out clothes the night before.

-Make sure bike is in good working condition the night before (check

kickstand, gears, etc...).

-Have allergy meds available.


-Achieving the goal.

-Treat self to something special at the end of the week only if follow through with goal completely.

-have More energy.

-Positive self-image.

-Starting a healthy habit.

-The beginning of modifying negative physical behaviors.

-Learning how to challenge yourself appropriately and follow through.

-Now have set the tempo for future goal achieving success.

This method can be applied to any goal in life, large or small. The success of achieving that goal is up to you. All it takes is a little planning and focus and motivation. It can be challenging to get started so if you're the type of person that needs assistance, here's your objective for next week;

Is there a particular goal that you have been struggling to accomplish? if so, or if you just want to practice using the Goooal Rush! Method ©, Set a goal. Use the example listed above for guidance if it helps. If you have a difficult time filling in the 3 steps, don't panic. Getting started can be the most challenging part of setting a goal, along with staying motivated.

Join us on Sunday, October 20, 2019 from 4pm - 6pm MST for an open discussion on goal setting, the Goooal Rush! Method ©, how to get started and how to get motivated. Share your goals, your thoughts and ask questions as we dive in the world of success through setting and achieving personal goals. It’s as simple as one, two, and three!

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