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EmbOdicare had a very humble beginning in 2015 as a home-based, word-of-mouth business. Our customer base, products & services, and support have evolved more than we ever could have anticipated, due to feedback from people like you! Here at EmbOdicare, we strive to offer a more natural, healthy and active lifestyle for the community. Our delicately handcrafted products are fresh, safe, plant based (no water) and now available nationwide as of 2019. We also established EmbOdi-U Services to provide people with physical, social and spiritual stimulation and support for personal growth and development. Over time members and customers alike have played an active role in sharing their experiences with EmbOdicare products and services. This had led to positive changes in everything from product and service development to improving your online shopping experience with our website. We value ALL feedback from the community and encourage you to continue to share with us on Instagram, Facebook and at LIKE us, rate us, give us your honest review of a product or service, share our posts, tag us, or just stop by to say hello! By doing so, you help us to improve the level of quality we offer you in our products and services. Coming soon; new product packaging for better accessibility! Thanks to your feedback, EmbOdicare is phasing out the current Bomb AZ Balm and Head Game containers. By 2020, each of those product will be completely available in wide-mouth jars to make using our products easy for you. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to our future, together!

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