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Born in "small town" Illinois, my first adventure would happen around the age of two when my mother whisked us off to Baltimore, Maryland. Growing up in a single parent household in the big city, I was groomed for youthful independence. During my time living throughout the Chesapeake Bay, I also became an Army brat when my mother later decided to join the U.S. Military. The longer she was enlisted, the more interested I became in military life and all it had to offer us. So much so, that I enlisted in the U.S. Navy and left for boot camp just a few days after my high school graduation. Thus, I began my career in healthcare and my fascination with the human body and its operation. Eventually, I began to study more about food, plants & herbs and how they can affect the body naturally, both inside and out. After years of trial and error in my in my own healthcare with prescription medications and overly sensitive skin to store bought products, I eventually began to slowly change my diet, and create handmade products for my own personal care. Over time I was able to share my success and products with family and friends. Since then we've expanded into offering clothing, jewelry, footwear home décor and more! Welcome to EmbOdicare!

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