Try Outs!

You can't TRY to do things, you must simply DO them." -Ray Bradbury

Take up singing lessons or go out for a night of karaoke! 

***Learn to play an instrument***

*Go roller skating or attend a roller derby event with friends!

*Enroll into a drama/theater class. Check out your local community college for more information!

*Be an Extra in a movie or television commercial! Here's a couple of places to get started!

*Attend a game show as an audience member! Get your free tickets here:

*VETERANS ONLY!! get free tickets to your favorite events @

Are you ready to step outside of your comfort zone and discover something new? Here you will find some creative and even unique ways to broaden your horizon. Give it a try! You may be surprised at what you find.

What new things have you DONE lately?

Enroll in Embodi-U!

Hover for more Try Out ideas!

Host a game night: Have everyone bring their favorite board game so there's a chance to learn

something new!

Doodle, Draw, Sketch, Paint, Color...Release your inner artist and your smile!

Attend an antique car show

Be sure to check out the Calendar of Events & follow us for updates, specials and so much more!

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