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Veg Out! is dedicated to providing you with useful information on fueling your body with fresh vegetables grown right from the earth. Learn how to grow veggies & herbs, storage ideas, proper preparation and cooking techniques, recipes, and more. Your body is highly impacted by what you consume. Whether that impact is positive or negative is determined by the food choices you make on a daily basis. If you take care of your body internally, the rewards will display externally. So let's Eat!


The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion is a great resource for discovering how food and nutrition impacts disease and illness in your life. Learn how to use proper nutrition for improve your overall health. Visit for much more information. Download a FREE copy of Dietary Guidelines For Americans 2015-2020 Eight Edition provided by


The Food and Drug Administration has important information about recalls/outbreaks, chemicals and metals in foods, packaging and labeling requirements, and more. Be aware of how your food is grown, preserved and delivered to you and your family. Visit for more details. Download a FREE copy of Vegetable Nutrition Facts and Raw Produce Food Facts provided by the FDA.


The Department of Health & Human Services has tips on eating healthy, school breakfast programs, physical activity resources and more. Check out what they have to offer at HHS.GOV.


The U.S. Department of Agriculture provides the safety and security of your food. See just how they do it and the many resources they have to offer for food and nutrition. Visit them at

Vegetable of the Month

NAME: Beans

POTENTIAL BENEFITS: Prevents constipation, helps hemorrhoids, lowers cholesterol, combats cancer, stabilizes blood sugar.

NUTRITION: excellent sources of dietary fiber, folate, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and is a plant-based protein.

EDUCATION: Learn more about beans by clicking on the resources below.


Easy Being Green...

"If you have the option, choose fresh vegetables over canned or frozen ones. Freezing and canning fresh vegetables in the United States uses about three billion kilowatt-hours of energy per year, which is enough power to light every light bulb in the state of New York for three years. When in season, fresh vegetables can also cost less than canned or frozen varieties." -

Rogers, E., Kostigen, T., Diaz, C., & McDonough, W. (2009). The green book: the everyday guide to saving the planet one simple step at a time. New York: Three Rivers Press.

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