Wholly Hempster Hygiene Bar 

The Wholly Hempster Hygiene Bar is a Hemp Seed Oil based soap made with a special blend of natural  ingredients and essential oils. Hemp is an extremely useful, all natural commodity and is used in everything from textiles to food and even personal care products. Although Hemp derives from the Cannabis plant, it has a very different purpose and a variety of beneficial uses that are not only good for you, but for our planet as well.. Hemp seed oil is said to be rich in nutrients and fatty acids which are extremely important to your body. So put the power of Hemp, in the palm of your hands with the Wholly Hempster Hygiene Bar and a natural, clean, and healthier you!












Discover the many uses for hemp in your every day lives. It is one of the most natural commodities on the planet yet it uses have been restricted. Open your mind to the future of hemp and all of the amazing properties that it has to offer!







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